About Us

We are a (very) small microbrewery producing limited quantities of really excellent beer. We have tried and tasted many recipes over the past few years and are now launching with four of our favourites – stalwart beers all of them.

Our beers are craft brewed in the traditional style using the best and freshest ingredients. They are all unpasteurised, unfiltered and bottle conditioned so that they offer a really top notch flavour and drinking experience.

We launched our range in February 2016. The small quantities that we produce are quickly snapped up so our beer is not widely available. However you can find it at the stockists listed below.

Our Beers

The Hurly Burly Family Portrait

We brew a selection of Fine Bottle Conditioned Artisan Ales.
(Left to right) Giddy Goat, Hare of the Dog, The Speshel, Gnat's Hop and Last Sheep Sheared.

Last Sheep Sheared
ABV 6.8%

Black IPA
Black India Pale Ale - a contradiction in terms perhaps but this deep, dark beer provides sumptuous chocolate and coffee hints from the malts all balanced by a typical IPA hop forward character.

Giddy Goat
ABV 4.5%

Saison Ale
Giddy Goat is a refreshing saison pale ale with hints of lemon and spice - and all things nice! These subtle flavours are characteristic of the French saison yeast, wheat malt and Goldings hops.

Gnat's Hop
ABV 4.1%

Pale Ale
A lightly hopped and delectably smooth ale, Gnat's Hop is brewed with a blend of pale and biscuit malts topped off with a smattering of Brewer's Gold and Cascade hops - so refreshing as to put an extra zing in your step!

Hare of The Dog
ABV 6.7%

Our first and flagship beer, Hare of the Dog is an American style IPA - displaying typical bitterness and a zesty, aromatic finish. Light amber in colour, bold and flavourful in character, we hope you enjoy the ale that has inspired the Hurly Burly venture.
The Speshel shown centre stage in the family portrait above is a rare ale brewed once a year in the autumn using a blend of fresh hops straight from our brewery's East Lothian vines. Using five times the normal quantity of dried hops this "speshel" brew is crafted to show the very delicate grassy and spicy character of the fresh locally grown green hops. A very limited release!

Our Stockists

  • Lockett Bros

    133 High Street
    North Berwick
    East Lothian
    EH39 4HB
  • Vino Wine Shop

    30 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SB
    1 Grange Load, Edinburgh, EH9 2NP
    32-34 Comiston Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5QE
    26 North West Circus Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5TP
    27 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH7 9AB
  • Haddington Wines and Whiskies

    82 High Street
    East Lothian
    EH41 3ET
  • Aberlady Village Store

    10 High St
    EH32 0RB